Here's a link to the website It's in beta at the moment with more info and pictures to come soon.

The new project is a new residential studio based in Bordeaux, in the south of France. Bookings taken soon. Watch this space. 

Excitingnew project happening soon

2018 Spring. New album finished with Phil McDonnel called "Photographs of Ghosts" available soon 

   2017 Finalising new tracks with Phil McDonnell.

   2016  Working with dark Drum n Bass producer Gods Below on        new projects.

2015 New album project started with Phil McDonnell, again recording, mixing, co-producing and playing this time.

2014 Summer Tim has just finished recording, mixing and co-producing the new album from Phil McDonnell "Glass Creatures" available now for download from iTunes.

2013 Tim is currently working on several projects, including albums by three singer/songwriters and 2 bands.

Symphony of Pain "Hydeology" Album now available on iTunes

Sense of Creation 3 track ep now available "Forsaken Era" mixed and mastered.

He is also looking to work with a selected number of new artists, singers and writers.

Tim is now teaching Music and Music Tech AS and A2 Level at Beths Grammar School, Bexley, Kent.